Richard Webb, Self-employed horticulurist,
American Hazelnut LeavesAmerican Hazelnut Fuzzy LeavesAmerican Hazelnut Flowers

Hazelnut, American – 6-12″ – LOW STOCK

Useful both in landscapes and in naturalized settings, American hazelnut (Corylus americana) provides excellent food for wildlife.  Small mammals depend on its mast crop of nuts.  Its foliage supports a variety of interesting caterpillars that in turn feed birds.  To keep it from forming a thicket, clip back sprouts quickly.  American hazelnut can be pruned at any time.

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Product Description


  • Seedling Size:   6-12″
  • Seedling Age:   1-0
  • Mature Height:   10 – 16 feet
  • Mature Width:   8 – 13 feet
  • Soil Type:    Loamy, sandy or rocky
  • Moisture:   Dry or moderate
  • Sun:   Full sun or partial shade
  • Growth Rate:   Medium

Key Characteristics of American Hazelnut 

  • Flowers appear in early spring along with male catkins.
  • Nuts mature in September.  They are edible and of enormous habitat value.
  • This plant is typically multi-stemmed and leggy.
  • Leaves are fuzzy and serrated.  Fall color is showy, ranging from yellow to copper-red.

Visitors Attracted to American Hazelnut

  • Blue jay (Cyanocitta cristata)
  • American dagger moth (Acronicta americana)
  • Regal moth caterpillar (Citheronia regalis)

Help Control Invasives!

Try hazelnut instead of invasive shrub honeysuckle specis (Lonicera spp.).  Hazelnut also has attractive blooms, unlike honeysuckle shrubs.  However, it additionally attracts birds with its nuts that support insects.

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