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May 1, Grand Traverse Academy plants 100 white pine seedlings at their school!

GTA planting3On May 1, GTA students in grades 1 -12 helped plant the 100 white pine tree seedlings donated by Consumers Energy and Michigan International Speedway as part of their joint effort to get On Track to a Greener Michigan. This planting was a culmination event for first through 6th graders who have been studying native an invasive plants in our area of Michigan through the GTSI program.

GTA students tree planting1



Teachers KimWilson, Angela Barnes, Jamie Grant, Alicia Hall, Stacy Breimayer, and Kris Galoci were working alongside and helping their students with the tree planting. Reb Ratliff (GTCD Park Steward) and Katie Grzesiak (ISN Coordinator) were on hand to guide the process. Kristen Grote (GTSI Program Coordinator) coordinated the effort, with help from teachers and volunteers David Grote and Drea Weiner. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this amazing event!

GTA planting2GTA planting4













The same day, students clipped phragmites seed heads with Katie Grzesiak, Invasive Species Network Coordinator, in an effort to minimize the spread of this invasive species on their school grounds.